Crash Dive User's Manual


You "drive" your sub using a separate control for each axis: Forward/back, left/right, and up/down.


Your rudder controls the left/right rotation of your sub. Hold down the left and right arrow buttons to rotate your sub in that direction.

In the game's Settings you can switch the rudder behavior to "Toggle", in which case you can click a rudder button once to begin turning, then hit it again to stop.

The faster your sub is moving forward or backward through the water, the more effective your rudders are, allowing you to turn more quickly.

Damage to your Rudder will reduce your turning speed. If the Rudder system is destroyed, you will be unable to turn at all.


The forward/reverse speed of your boat is controlled with the 5 throttle buttons: Reverse, Stop, Ahead Slow, Ahead Full, and Ahead Flank.

Your sub's top speed when surfaced is 18.5 m/s; half that when submerged.

When surfaced, diesel engines propel your boat using effectively unlimited fuel.

When submerged, you switch to battery-powered electric motors, which draw power from a limited set of batteries. When fully charged, you have enough battery power to run at full throttle for about 50 minutes.

Damage to your Engines will limit your maximum throttle setting when surfaced; likewise, damage to your Motors will limit your max speed when submerged.

Damage to your Batteries will reduce your stored electrical power, limiting the amount of time you can move while submerged.


You control your depth with the yellow Dive and Ascend buttons. Clicking those will set your target depth in (generally) 25-meter increments. Once you've set a new target depth, the relevant button will turn green and display the target depth, and your sub will begin to move up or down.

Your sub can move up and down using just its air-tank ballast system, but if you are moving forward or backward, your dive planes will allow you to dive or ascend more quickly.

If you have suffered "Flooding" damage, your sub will be sinking; the worse the damage, the faster you sink. You can offset that sink speed by trying to Ascend. Increasing the throttle will also use your dive planes to help slow your sink rate.

Damage to your dive planes will reduce or remove their ability to increase your dive/ascend speed.

View Angle

In the first-person views (Periscope and Bridge) you can touch and drag (or click and drag with a mouse) the screen to pan your view left and right. Keep in mind that this is only rotating your view, not your sub.

At the bottom left is your compass; it indicates the direction of your view (the green cone) relative to your sub (the sub outline).

You can click the compass to automatically rotate your sub to align with your current view angle.