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Convoy spotted, with a fat Troop Transport worth over 45,000 tons, a very worthwhile target.

Lining up for a night surface attack. Deck gun plus torpedoes make for a lethal combination.

Try to sink the escort first? Or wait for it to go by so we can take out the troop carrier?

The final moments of the HMS Royal Oak, lit up by a distress flare.

Use the chart view to plot out your attack. In this carefully-planned assault on the USS Hornet, we've found a gap in the escorts' formation.

The Patrol Mode view: Head for a Resupply point when you need to repair your sub and restock your ammo.

Sunset: A well-escorted Battlecruiser makes a tempting but dangerous target.

Repair the damage to your submarine before it sinks below crush depth and is destroyed.