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Shoot down the incoming planes before they can get past you.

Aim by rotating your device, and fire by touching the screen.

You have unlimited ammo, but keep an eye on your temperature gauge at the bottom center of the screen: If your guns overheat, you won't be able to fire for a few seconds.

Each time an enemy fighter gets past you, you will lose one shield (shown at bottom right).

For each Attack wave you survive, you'll get one shield back (assuming you're willing to watch one ad, or pay the extortion fee to get rid of ads).

The game ends when your last shield is destroyed.

For each Bonus wave you survive, you'll be awarded a Flak Attack, which will be added as a button at the bottom left. Hit the Flak Attack button to damage and temporarily stun every plane in the sky.

If you find that your gyroscope has drifted, or you want to reorient yourself, just hit the gyro button at the bottom left to re-center the camera.

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